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Big Green Egg - Grill, Smoker and Oven
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The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg offers unmatched cooking flexibility - the EGG® is a grill, a smoker and an oven. Space-age ceramics and double-wall construction makes the Big Green Egg durable and fuel efficient. With a long history of dependability, the Big Green Egg is the perfect cooker for The Ultimate Cooking Experience™.

Big Green Egg Sizes

The Big Green Egg is available in your choice of five sizes to accommodate everyone's cooking needs. An interactive CD/DVD makes it easy to get started and provides video footage of a chef demonstrating cooking techniques. There is also a wide ride of recipes and cooking tips available for your Big Green Egg. The EGG® bakes better than a brick oven - you can make pizza, bread and even desserts.

You can cook with the Big Green Egg year-round, even in rain or freezing temperatures. The low, even temperature ensures moist, tender smoked foods. The EGG® can effortlessly cook your favorite meat, fish, poultry, veggies and fruit.

The EGG® is ready for cooking in 10 minutes and maintains a precise temperature by simply adjusting the top and bottom vents. The Big Green Egg is hotter than a gas grill and can produce plenty of heat - up to 750° - enough for steakhouse searing!

The Big Green Egg uses natural lump charcoal to give your food amazing flavor. The lump charcoal produces little ash, elminating the need to empty out ash after each use. You can cook for hours without adding more charcoal. Unburned charcoal can be saved for the next cookout simply by closing the vents to snuff out the fire, saving you money!

The baked-on exterior glaze maintains its good looks and readily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Clean up is effortless; the EGG® cleans itself like a self-cleaning oven. The cermaic surface stays cooler than metal grills, so it is safer around children and pets. With a lifetime warranty on ceramic parts, the Big Green Egg won't rust like a metal grill.

Why is a pharmacy selling grills?

Honestly, we love the Big Green Egg! Our own personal experiences with this amazing ceramic grill was the inspiration for carrying the product line at select Fagen Pharmacy locations. When we first experienced the Big Green Egg at home, we were amazed with the quality of the EGG® and unbelievable cooking versatility it offered. It was unlike any grill we had ever used before. Carrying the Big Green Egg in our stores was a natural extension of the passion and satisfaction we felt for this product.

Where can I buy a Big Green Egg grill?

Currently, the Big Green Egg grill can only be purchased at select Fagen Pharmacy locations in Indiana. These locations carry a full line of Big Green Egg grilling accessories. We are an authorized dealer for the Big Green Egg, but we cannot ship the grill because of dealer restrictions.

Buy your own Big Green Egg at one of these Fagen Pharmacy locations: