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Gerald Fagen

Founder's Message

Hello. My name is Gerald Fagen, and I am the founder of Fagen Pharmacy. Fagen Pharmacy, founded in 1972 on the premise that it could provide professional pharmaceutical services in a more friendly and helpful environment than what existed in the marketplace.

The story of Fagen Pharmacy began when I was a young boy. I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. When I was fourteen, my life changed drastically when my Dad passed away. After my Dad's passing, my siblings and I had to take on new responsibilities to help our family.

I spent my free time working at a local pharmacy called Glen Park Pharmacy. Little did I know that the ideals and principles that I learned while cleaning the store and stocking the shelves would be many of the core principles on which Fagen Pharmacy was founded and still maintains.

Lou Papak was the Pharmacist at Glen Park Pharmacy, and he quickly became my mentor. I learned that Lou would go out of his way establishing a family atmosphere within the pharmacy and that Lou would make every effort to get to know his customers and help them in any way he could. At the young age of fourteen, I could see that Lou enjoyed his job, and the customers trusted him. Because of my experience at Glen Park Pharmacy, I decided to go to Pharmacy School with the goal that I would become a Pharmacist who would care for his customers in the same way as Lou.

In 1968 I graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Purdue University. I accepted a job at a chain pharmacy, but I quickly realized this was not the place for me. Instead, I was passionate about opening my pharmacy that would provide the same professional pharmaceutical services in an atmosphere that was similar to what I experienced while working at Glen Park Pharmacy. To achieve that goal, in 1972 I opened the first Fagen Pharmacy.

Since the first Fagen Pharmacy opened, it has been my goal that each Fagen Pharmacy provides professional pharmaceutical services in a friendly and helpful environment. These were the principals I learned as a young man and are still present today in each Fagen Pharmacy.

Today, I am still married to my high school sweetheart Vivian for 52 years. I also have two wonderful sons, three beautiful daughters and thirteen amazing grandchildren. Since first opening in 1972, we are now operating 21 Fagen Pharmacies in Indiana and Illinois. Our current motto is, "Filling Your Family's Needs for 45 Years." Although the years have passed and times have changed, the guiding principles of each Fagen Pharmacy are still the same. Our primary focus is still quality and friendly service for our customers.

Through the years, Fagen Pharmacy has also strived to develop new ways in which it can make a difference in our customers' communities. Therefore, in addition to caring for our patients in a retail setting, Fagen Pharmacy now also provides quality pharmaceutical services to assisted living facilities, group homes, correctional facilities and hospice patients. Some of the best changes we have made have been the result of our customers' comments. We will always welcome your comments and suggestions, and we will continue to strive to make Fagen's your best neighborhood pharmacy.

Our original motto was "Your Family Has a Friend at Fagen's." I hope that your family still today will find a friend at one of our pharmacies.

Gerald A. Fagen, R.Ph