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There's always something new happening at Fagen Pharmacy! Keep up-to-date with our latest news and announcements.

Rebuilding Our Calumet Avenue Store in Valpo
January 26, 2015
We are proud to announce the building of our 3400 Calumet Avenue location in Valparaiso, Indiana. It has been almost a year sinc…

Stacy Pearman - Technician of the Month
December 12, 2014
Stacy Pearman has been selected as the PCCA Technician of the Month. She has been a technician for about 10 years, and began com…

Fagen Pharmacy 2014 Excellence Award
October 1, 2014
Fagen Pharmacy is one of only 10 pharmacies in the nation to receive the Health Mart Community Healthcare Excellence Award in 20…

Fagen Pharmacy Featured in Valparaiso Magazine
November 5, 2013
The Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce did a very nice two-page article on Fagen Pharmacy's 20-year history in Valparaiso.

Purdue University School of Pharmacy Honors Gerald A. Fagen with Award
December 13, 2012
Purdue University School of Pharmacy has awarded the 2012 Glen J. Sperandio Award to Gerald A. Fagen, RPh, President & CEO of Fa…

Pharmacists Ranked in Top Three in Gallup Integrity Survey
December 5, 2012
For the tenth consecutive year, Gallup’s annual Honesty and Ethics survey reveals that pharmacists have ranked in the top three.…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends NACDS Regional Meeting
February 24, 2012

Indiana NPLEx makes headway in battle against methamphetamine
February 24, 2012

Fagen Pharmacy Carries Psi Bands For Nausea Relief
February 24, 2012

Fagen Pharmacist Earns Ambulatory Care Board Certification
January 23, 2012

Fagen Pharmacists Travel to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
December 13, 2011

Institute To Train College Students For Medical Careers
November 17, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy As Part Of Health Mart Chain Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction J.D. Power National Pharmacy Study
October 4, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy Visits Seniors and Their Families At Serenity Springs In Miller Indiana
October 4, 2011

My Girls Skin Care Caters To Breast Cancer Patients, Hits Select Retailers
September 29, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy Purchases Second Eyecon® Prescription Counting Machine
September 29, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy Attends Oktoberfest at the Winfield Indiana Chamber of Commerce
September 29, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy Attends First Diabetes Alliance Meeting in Chicago
September 29, 2011

Fagen Pharmacy Welcomes Brian Heckman, PharmD
August 11, 2011
We are excited to have recent Purdue graduate, Brian Heckman, PharmD, on board as our first resident and look forward to the opp…

Marjie Laciak Wins 2011 Up and Coming Woman in Healthcare
June 2, 2011
More than 560 attended banquet showcasing professional women in Northwest Indiana for excellence and expertise in their industr…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends Compounding Training Class
April 3, 2011
Jim Spanopoulos, R.Ph and Stacy Anderson recently attended a four-day pharmacy compounding training course in Houston, Texas. Pr…

Valparaiso Acquires New Counting Technology
March 10, 2011
Fagen Pharmacy Valparaiso, Indiana announces the addition of Eyecon®. Eyecon® is the latest technology to improve prescription …

Dr. Comfort Footwear Added in Hobart
November 9, 2010
Fagen Pharmacy announces the addition of the Dr. Comfort line of footwear designed in mind to properly to alleviate, even preven…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends 4th Purdue Career Day
November 3, 2010
Fagen Pharmacy attended its 4th Purdue University career day held November 3 from 10 AM - 3 PM. Approximately 150 students stopp…

Fagen Pharmacy Adopts Indiana Meth Investigation System
October 28, 2010
In an effort to better assist law enforcement in combating the illegal production of Methamphetamine Fagen Pharmacy has adopted,…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends Cerner Etreby Chain User Meeting
September 21, 2010
This year’s Cerner Etreby chain user meeting was hosted by Big Y, a Cerner Etreby Pharmacy system client. The meeting was held i…

Fagen Pharmacy Offers Outbound Calling Reminders
September 21, 2010
Outbound calling helps to increase the face-to-face consultation with their patients and personalization of the patients needs a…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends NACDS Conference
June 5, 2010
NACDS welcomed Fagen Pharmacy to the 2010 Marketplace Conference in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention & Exhibiti…

Hobart Store Receives New Kirby Lester Machine
June 1, 2010
The Fagen Pharmacy in Hobart has received a new Kirby Lester machine to help count medications on a day to day basis. Fagen is s…

Roselawn Remodels Liquor & Beer Department
June 1, 2010
Fagen Pharmacy’s Roselawn location has recently undergone some changes in its beer, wine, and liquor department. It now offers …

Fagen Pharmacy in Michigan City Remodeled
May 1, 2010
Nestled in the historic part of Michigan City, IN is one of the newest additions to the Fagen Pharmacy chain of stores. Since i…

Fagen Pharmacy Going Green
January 4, 2010
Fagen Pharmacy entered partnership with Rexam in January of 2010 as a means to “Go Green” and reduce the environmental impact by…

2009 Fagen Pharmacy Flu Clinics
September 9, 2009
Visit your local Fagen Pharmacy on select dates for flu immunizations. The cost is FREE with Medicare Part B or $24.99.

Partnership Formed with TradeWinds Group Homes
May 11, 2009
Fagen announces partnership with TradeWinds group home by supporting prescription needs effective June 1st. There are over 40 pa…

Fagen Pharmacy Becomes Member of Pharmacy First
April 30, 2009
Fagen Pharmacy joins Pharmacy First, the leading National Network of Retail Community Pharmacies that will equal that of nationa…

Hammond Clinic Reopens
March 12, 2009
After almost 7 months of remodeling lower level of the Hammond Clinic where the Fagen Pharmacy resided at 7905 Calumet Avenue; F…

Gary Community Health Center Selects Fagen Pharmacy
February 1, 2009
Fagen pharmacy was selected by Gary Community Health Center to service their 340B prescription needs February 1st. Section 340B …

Fagen Pharmacy Enters Into New Suppliers Agreement
October 21, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy has entered into a new 4-year suppliers agreement with McKesson. his agreement will provide access to better prod…

Record Supply of Flu Vaccine
October 13, 2008
Northwest Indiana residents headed to doctors offices, pharmacies and clinics this month as the annual flu shot season got under…

Bridges Health Fair
September 30, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy hosted a Health Fair on Tuesday, September 30th at the Bridges Facility in Gary, Indiana. The mission of Bridges …

Fagen Pharmacy Relocates Munster Location
September 26, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy will re-open its #33 Munster location after recently being destroyed by the flood. The Munster location was insid…

Fagen Pharmacy Opens New Store in Michigan City
September 22, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy announces its newest store in Michigan City, IN. The store opened on Monday, September 22, 2008. The store offers…

Munster Location Evacuated
September 14, 2008
Our Fagen Pharmacy #33 Munster location, located inside The Hammond Clinic, was evacuated because of flood waters. Patient refil…

Fagen Pharmacy Opens New Store in Valparaiso
August 4, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy opened doors to its newest location at 3125 N. Calumet in Valparaiso on Monday, August 4, 2008. Fagen pharmacy is…

Muster Location Remodeled
June 19, 2008
Fagen Pharmacy #33, located in Hammond, Indiana completed the construction of their new pharmacy department located in the same …

Three Pharmacists Complete Immunization Training
June 19, 2008
Congratulations to the following pharmacists that have recently completed immunization training. They are Amber Adamczyk of the …

Robot Counts Out Pills
March 27, 2008
The new robot installed at Fagen Pharmacy's new Munster branch might not be the latest model or even look like a robot in the tr…

Scriptpro Robotic Dispensing System
March 14, 2008
The pharmacy staff of Fagen Pharmacy is proud to announce they will begin using the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing Syste…

Westville Location Completes Pharmacy Remodel
December 17, 2007
Fagen Pharmacy completed another remodel. The Westville location recently underwent construction in the pharmacy department whic…

State-Of-The-Art Pharmacy Equipment
December 13, 2007
Fagen Pharmacy signs a contract for a counting machine at the Hammond, IN Clinic location. Our increased volumes have led us to …

Major Chain is Out - Fagen Pharmacy is In
November 16, 2007
Fagen Pharmacy has stepped forward to help ease the transition for thousands of employees and retirees of ArcelorMittal who are … Upgrades Complete
November 16, 2007
We completed upgrades to that allow a customer to either request a refill direct into our pharmacy compute…

FDA Proposes New Category of Drugs
November 13, 2007
Your neighborhood pharmacist might become a little more important in your life if the FDA's proposal for a new category of drugs…

Purdue University Career Day Attended
November 7, 2007
Fagen Pharmacy attended Career Day at Purdue University, Lafayette Indiana. We presented with a booth and two practicing pharmac…

Phone System Upgrades
November 1, 2007
We have completed the installation of our new phone system at all locations. This system replaced the patchwork of old equipment…

Fagen Pharmacy Software Roll-Out Complete
November 1, 2007
We completed the conversion to new pharmacy software at all of our locations. This project entailed training staff, installation…

Fagen Pharmacy Flu Shot Program Arrives
October 1, 2007
We are pleased to announce the completion and launch of our own Flu Shot program. We anticipate handling all of our own flu shot…

Fagen Pharmacy Selected as Provider
February 1, 2007
Fagen Pharmacy has been selected as the pharmacy provider to service the clients of Hilltop Community Health Center, a low incom… Launches
January 28, 2007
The release of brings Fagen Pharmacy to the world of e-commerce. The website can be found at an…

e-Learning Site Launched
December 15, 2006
Fagen Pharmacy has completed the construction of our own "e-learning" site for internal certifications. An e-learning site allow…

Selected as Provider for Hospice Calumet
October 31, 2006
We are proud to be selected as the pharmacy provider to Hospice of Calumet. Serving Hospice of Calumet in its mission of ..."imp…

Urban League Health Fair in Gary
September 20, 2006
Fagen Pharmacy operated a booth at the Urban League of Northwest Indiana Health Fair held at the Genesis Convention Center in Ga…

Pharmacist Earns Certification in Immunizations
September 1, 2006
Marjie Biel, PharmD recently completed an immunization certification program at an American Pharmacist Association (APhA) class.…

Fagen Pharmacy Attends Technology Fair
August 26, 2006
Jerry H. Fagen,RPh/Director of Pharmacy attended the "Pharmacy and Technology" show held at the National Association of Chain Dr…

Fagen Pharmacy Selects DIK Drug Company
July 1, 2006
DIK Drug Company, founded in 1914, and still family owned was awarded the primary supplier contract with Fagen Pharmacy to suppl…

Fagen Pharmacy Complete Pharmacy Remodel
June 25, 2006
Fagen Pharmacy #18, located in South Haven, Indiana recently completed the construction of a new pharmacy department located in …

Pharmacist Receives Award
March 20, 2006
Congratulations to James Spanopoulos on receiving 'The Patient Care & Advocacy Award' for his devotion, compassion and dedicated…

Fagen Pharmacy Completes e-Prescribing Upgrade
February 1, 2006
Fagen Pharmacy completes e-prescribing upgrades to pharmacy systems with SureScripts. The SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Net…

Medicare Part D Meeting Attended
August 15, 2005
Mary Kiersma, PharmD attended the Indiana Pharmacist Association meeting held in Indianapolis to help prepare our company for Me…

Promotion: Pharmacy Manager - Larry Wojock
August 1, 2005
Fagen Pharmacy is proud to welcome Larry Wojock, PharmD/MBA as pharmacy manager of Fagen Pharmacy #15, located in Mokena Illinoi…

Big Green Egg Added to Third Location
August 1, 2005
The rebirth of the ancient oriental Kamado cooker. The idea is 3000 years old but The Big Green Egg is NOW! The perfect smoker A…

Promotion: Pharmacy Manager
August 1, 2005
We are proud to announce the promotion of Joe Dedinsky from Staff pharmacist to Pharmacy Manager of Fagen Pharmacy #23, Located …

Fagen Pharmacy Completes Remodel of Location
July 19, 2005
Fagen Pharmacy Completes remodel of Fagen Pharmacy #36...this includes everything from 100% new electrical wiring to the additio…

Kyle Carter Promoted to Store Manager
July 1, 2005
Kyle Carter has been promoted to store manager of Fagen Pharmacy #36, located at 5th and Broadway in Gary Indiana. Kyle has work…

Fagen Pharmacy Upgrades Pharmacy Software
June 1, 2005
Fagen Pharmacy is upgrading our pharmacy software & hardware systems...completion schedule for late fourth quarter 2005 will lea…

Fagen Pharmacy Purchases Timm's Drugs
February 20, 2005
Fagen Pharmacy has purchased "Timm's Drugs" in Gary Indiana. This purchase brings store count to 23 and becomes our fourth locat…

Fagen Pharmacy Founded
June 1, 1972
Did you know that Gerald A Fagen founded Fagen Pharmacy in Cedar Lake Indiana in 1972? Today we operate 22 stores in IL and IN a…