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Date Published: March 14, 2008

Fagen Pharmacy Announces
Scriptpro Robotic Dispensing
System Installed in Munster

Taking a non-cookie cutter approach in running their pharmacies by helping families and taking on innovation in the pharmacy industry, Fagen Pharmacy announces an upgrade to its Munster location. Fagen continues to remain focused on the slogan its know for, “filling families needs for over 35 years,” in reaching for something new to add to their portfolio.

Currently, there are 22 Fagen stores in Northwest Indiana and the South suburbs of Chicago. The latest technology is taking Fagen Pharmacy back to the good old corner drug store days, where pharmacists had time to personalize service and counseling.

The pharmacy staff of Fagen Pharmacy is proud to announce they will begin using the SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System from ScriptPro. Opening their newly updated Pharmacy clinic in Munster, Indiana on Sunday, March 16, 2008, Fagen is excited to unvail their robotic system that will dramatically change their way of operating their pharmacy. The SP 200 system has many safety features that ensure accurate medication dispensing. The SP 200 performs the time consuming and tedious tasks of counting pills, filling vials, and labeling prescriptions, using advanced robotics and automation.

With ScriptPro automation, pharmacists will have more time to answer questions and counsel their customers. How does the robot work? Once a prescription is entered into a pharmacy computer system, the robotic arm of the SP200 determines the correct size vial, and then finds the specified drug. Using barcode scanning, it verifies the location of the drug.

The robotic arm holds the vial and counts the pills as they are automatically dropped into the vial. The arm then places the vial on a short conveyer belt and the patient label is applied, complete with medication warning labels. Barcode scanning is used throughout the system to ensure that the correct drug is given to the patient. The pharmacist makes the final check for accuracy, comparing the pills in the vial with a computer screen image of the drug.

“It’s exciting to bring this technology to this side of the business. It’s nice when we can meet the needs of our hometown neighborhoods,” said Sherri Overstreet, Fagen Pharmacy’s Director Of Technology. The rewards of having the technology and the means to use the technology at a Fagen Pharmacy location, means that the Pharmacists have that needed extra hand.

The SP 200 will not call in sick or take a vacation. The system counts and fills up to 150 per hour, so customers get their medications promptly, even during peak pharmacy hours. ScriptPro, located in Mission, Kansas, has installed thousands of these automated prescription-dispensing systems worldwide. ScriptPro develops, provides, and supports state-of-the-art-robotics-based management and workflow systems for pharmacies.

ScriptPro is dedicated to helping pharmacies lower operating costs, reduce dispensing errors and maximize customer satisfaction. ScriptPro technology helps pharmacies operate efficiently, safely, and profitably so they can make the maximum contribution to the healthcare system.

For more information about ScriptPro or Fagen Pharmacy Locations click on or visit Fagen Pharmacy’s e-commerce sight at