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Date Published: September 21, 2010

Fagen Pharmacy Attends Cerner
Etreby Chain User Meeting
In Springfield, MA

This year’s Cerner Etreby chain user meeting was hosted by Big Y, a Cerner Etreby Pharmacy system client. The meeting was held in Springfield, MA. There were about 60 people representing about 15 pharmacies held on September 21 through September 22.

This was the third time that Fagen Pharmacy participated in the user group meeting in the last four years. Sherri Overstreet, Director of Technology along with Jerry H. Fagen, Director of Pharmacy attended the meeting.

Fagen Pharmacy was able to work closely with other users and developers at Etreby to gain consensus on where the company can build a business plan around to meet the needs of the 38 year old chain by developing enhancements and improvements through strategic planning.

Cerner Etreby is the retail pharmacy system division of Cerner Corporation. The relationship between Fagen Pharmacy and Cerner Etreby started in the fall of 2006 as a result of installing the retail pharmacy product into stores. The completed installation at all 22 Fagen Pharmacy locations with the Cerner Etreby solution system took place the fall of 2007.

Fagen Pharmacy continues to work closely with Cerner Etreby to maintain the most up to date pharmacy systems available to meet the needs of the chain.

Cerner’s mission is to continue to transform healthcare by eliminating error, variance and waste to healthcare providers and consumers around the world. These winning solutions are licensed by more than 8,500 facilities around the world, including 1,500 retail pharmacies.