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Date Published: September 21, 2010

Fagen Pharmacy Offers Outbound
Calling As A Reminder For
Prescription Pick-Ups

This free service is now being offered to our Fagen Pharmacy customers.

Outbound calling alerts Fagen Pharmacy customers when their prescriptions are ready to be
picked up.

Outbound calling is a service designed to eliminate patients concerns over not knowing when their prescriptions are ready for pick-up.

Outbound calling helps to increase the face-to-face consultation with their patients and personalization of the patients needs at the time of service instead of keeping the staff on the phone away from patients.

Fagen Pharmacy takes pride in meeting their patient’s needs and is always looking for ways to use technology to help to improve efficiencies at many levels of the pharmacy operations.

Fagen Pharmacy wants to ensure that customers have their medications before they run out and recognize that people’s lives are busy and a simple reminder to pick up their prescriptions will help to keep people focused on their healthcare needs and family obligations.

Another positive reason for creating the outbound calling system is to help the pharmacy bottom-line. Un-used prescription inventory and the space that it occupies leave less room for the future-filled prescriptions. The unnecessary ordering of medication to replace what has not been picked-up leaves less buying power for other products and services that could benefit other needs of its customers.

Fagen Pharmacy ‘s technology department is focused on continuing to think beyond outbound calling by providing other customer oriented features such as utilizing text messages to alert customers or sending electronic e-mails.