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Date Published: June 1, 2010

Hobart Store Receives
New Kirby Lester Machine

Fagen Pharmacy in Hobart, Indiana has received a new Kirby Lester machine to help count medications on a day to day basis. Fagen is successful at keeping up with other chains in the retail pharmacy department and the new machine will help to better that task. Generally, patients do not know if their medication is counted by hand or by a machine. This will cut down on errors and help the quality of care and service the customer will recieve at this particular Fagen location.

"We are able to count faster with it. We love the new Kirby Lester machine." said Marjie Biel, head pharamacist at Hobart. "It works great for counting large quantities and doing inventory counts."

This product can be viewed on the web at Videos are also up on the site to show a demonstration of how the machine works.

In the future, other pharmacies in the Fagen chain may see the machine coming to their stores. This will, as stated before, help move business along when they are high quanities to count and also help to dimish errors when counting.

"If you fill lots of prescriptions in one day, this machine will cut down on the time spent counting." adds Biel. It will also help to spend more time with the patient or customer if questions or concerns are voiced, allowing the process as a whole to be more successful in all aspects!