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Fluzone High-Dose (HD) Vaccine

Posted on October 21, 2013

What is Fluzone HD? How is it different from the regular flu vaccine? Is it safe? Do I need it?Ā  If you have heard about or seen this product, these might be the questions running through your head.

Fluzone HD is an influenza vaccine that is specifically approved for use in individuals that are 65 years and older. Both Fluzone HD and the regular flu vaccine are trivalent vaccines, so they cover three strains of the influenza virus. However, Fluzone HD has four times more antigen than the regular flu vaccine. Increasing the amount of antigen in the vaccine ultimately helps to make your immune system stronger.1, 2

The potential side effects of the Fluzone HD vaccine and the regular flu vaccine are similar. These side effects include: headache, fever, body aches, or injection site reactions. Unfortunately, these side effects occur more often in patients given the Fluzone HD vaccine as compared to those given the regular flu vaccine.1

Although this vaccine can improve your immune system response, there are currently no clear cut, definitive reports on whether or not Fluzone HD is more effective and provides more protection than the regular flu vaccine.

New reports on its efficacy are expected to be reviewed in 2014.3


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