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Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer!

Posted on July 25, 2016

School is out and the kids are home, but how are they spending their time? In today's world, there are so many different ways to communicate with friends, play games, watch television and see videos online. Most of the time these activities come with a whole lot of sitting and not much else. It is recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. We've all heard the saying "get out and play an hour a day," but how can we get our kids to spend an hour being active? Here are some easy and cheap ways to keep the kids entertained and active all summer long.

  • Sprinklers! Connect the sprinkler to the hose and set the kids loose. Running through that waterfall will keep the kids moving and having fun all day.
  • Slip 'n Slide! Throw some water down on that strip of tarp and suddenly there's a water park in the back yard.
  • Water balloon fight! Another simple, at home water game that will keep the kids busy having a good time.
  • Riding bikes! Bike riding is a classic neighborhood kid activity. Building race tracks and courses could be a new way to spice up a classic activity.
  • Going on a hike! You could even pack a picnic lunch to bring along.
  • To the park! Going to the park with the dog or even just to play on the playground is a great way to get outside. Climbing the stairs to get to that slide is a great workout!
  • Get an old fashioned game of tag going with the siblings or the neighborhood kids!
  • Swimming! Whether you have a pool, know someone, visit the city pool, or go to a lake, swimming is a great way to keep cool and stay active this summer.
  • Jump rope! This is an activity that kids could do alone or with a bigger group. To add a challenge, try creating a chalk course to jump through, like hopscotch with a jump rope!
  • Wiffle Ball! What's better than a miniature baseball game in the back yard? This is an easy game to keep a group of kids active for a long time.
  • Charades! Usually thought of as an inside game, but with creative topics, you can easily turn this into a big outdoors game where the kids have to complete the task so everyone can guess.
  • For the more adventurous, build an obstacle course! This can be as big or small as you want. As easy as making a course out of existing obstacles in the back yard, or going one step further and having the kids create or build obstacles to run through.

No matter the activity, it is very important that kids get exercise regularly. Childhood obesity is an epidemic. There are more and more overweight kids each year and these extra pounds can create health problems in the future. So, to keep your kids healthy, try telling them to put down the controller and head outside. There are lots of good ways to stay active over the summer, finding something that works for your family is the first step to getting healthy.

While the kids are enjoying their time outside, don’t forget to protect them from nature. Bug spray, sunscreen and water are a must! Those mosquitos are carrying around all kinds of viruses (most recently Zika virus) and we want to make sure the kids are safe from being bitten. Sunscreen is also important to keep the kids safe from the sun. If they are going to be outside in the sun, it is important that they have the right protection. Dermatologists recommend an SPF of at least 30, water resistance and broad spectrum for the best coverage. When in the water, sunscreen usually is only good for about 80 minutes so don’t forget to reapply! Lastly, remember to keep the kids hydrated. If they're outside being active, they will need water to replace the fluids they're losing when they sweat. Try to stay away from sugary drinks like pop or juice and stick to water as it is the healthiest option for you kids.

Be safe and have fun!                    


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